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This BMW is a 'barn find' which has recently been awoken from a 14-year hiatus in a dusty shed in central Victoria, Australia.

After a major clean, it is now being slowly recommissioned, with dried and cracked fuel injection hoses being replaced, the Bosch K-Jetronic CIS injection being repaired, some minor rust rectification done on the lower door panels, brake hydraulics replaced and all coolant, fuel, and lubricants being drained, flushed and replaced.

The car sees daylight for the first time in many years as the shed doors are opened and rubbish removed from around it..

Slowly being winched onto a trailer to take it to its new home.

After many hours of cleaning, the car has come up quite well. Beside it is a 1981 Mercedes W123 300D which was also in the shed.

The original interior has responded well to a lot of cleaning and scrubbing.

Much work was done to the fuel injection system, and some work to the body. The only rust was in the bottom of the doors, mainly the driver's door, which was cut out and new steel mig-welded in place. The rear spoiler was removed (I prefer the original lines as penned by Paul Bracq, and I'd removed the front spoiler much earlier), some minor dents in the bodywork repaired, and the aftermarket pin-striping carefully removed.

The front apron is now straightened and ready for repainting.

The underneath looks very good once it's up on the hoist. The exhaust needs replacing, but all else is reassuringly good.

The entire fuel system was renewed (other than tanks which were removed, thoroughly flushed, then replaced). A generic in-tank pump was modified to suit the BMW pickup, new main pump, new hoses throughout, the Warm Up Regulator and Fuel Distributor were rebuilt, new injectors, and the only visible bit of the system - these braided injector lines - were custom made in the workshop.

More to come as the car is slowly recommissioned...

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